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Zona X
by Luigi Ferrini
translation by Angelo Casertano

Who created the series? Bonelliís whale was born from an idea of the volcanic Alfredo Castelli, who decided to produce some "particular" stories for Martin Mystery, whose motto should be "free space to fantasy". After a long preparatory phase, in april 1992 the first issue of "Martin Mystery presents Zone X" was published; the series is four-monthly at the beginning: each issue contains two complete stories, by snatches interpreted by Martin Mystery himself (although they're "imaginative stories", not real  adventures of GOUM - Good Old Uncle Martin). With n.10 Zona X becomes two-monthly and alternatively contains some miniseries and complete stories  (the so-called "classics"). With n.21, at last, Zona X becomes  monthly: Martin Mystery's role gets less and less important, whereas the main themes keep on ranging from Fantasy to science-fiction, passing through all those contaminations that these genres are subjected to.


Magic Patrol. This series is a spin-off of Martin Mystery's regular series: that is to say it continues some "mysterian" situations and charachters  and elaborates them autonomously. Magic Patrol is the nickname of Lambda's  special squad that operates at Altrove (Elsewhere).

The stock of Elšn. First ever fantasy series appeared at Bonelli's House, it parallelly  takes place both on the Earth and on the imaginative world of Elšn. All the traditional themes of Fantasy are used in this series, including dragons, magic and epic wars. Nonetheless, the environment is not of the Tolkien's kind: Elän's technology is very similar to Jules Verne's canons and to those of "steampunk".

Robinson Hart. orn as a short-term series, it developped "in fieri": its protagonist is a boy of our age who happens to live during the fifth century because of a strange phenomenon. Robinson becomes a real time-traveller who moves through different ages.

The Star Legion. In an undefined future, when interstellar travels are possible, the crew of the ship Lutezia must face more or less dangerous adventures against space criminals and pirates, besides meeting more or less believable aliens, according to the very permissive canons of the "space opera".



Zona X 

Alfredo Castelli
in 1992

Federico Memola

Giancarlo Alessandrini
from n.1

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1992-99
all right reserved worldwide


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