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Welcome Page

by Riccardo Panichi
translation by Chiara Colnaghi

Who created it? Its birth actually aimed to bewitch a new audience (teenage girls) and it represents Disney's approach to the realistic genre. Treading in the steps, from a thematic point of view, of PK and Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine (that however kept the traditional anthropomorphic animals), the series is focused on completely human characters. WITCH, created by Elisabetta Gnone, and graphically characterized by Alessandro Barbucci's good work (the creator of the ground-breaking Sky Doll), came out in April 2001 and, after its sensational success, it promises to be kept in mind for a long time. It is important to underline the relevant editorial sections proposing witty articles dedicated to all the "young modern little witches".

What is it? Let's start from the very name: WITCH is the acronym of the protagonists' names, five teenagers that discover having magic power. They will learn very soon that their powers, as for all the good heroes, also mean big responsibilities. In fact they are five Guardians, whose mission is to prevent the Earth from being contaminated by the creatures coming from Meridian, the parallel dimension connected to our world through twelve portals. Even if Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin - here are their names - are often busy facing the constant intrusions of those creatures in their city, they behave and live like all teenage girls: passion, love, quarrels and disagreements intermingle in sometimes extensive plots.

Who are their friends? These five girls are strictly linked with their families. Will, for example, has not a very good relationship with her mother, while Cornelia and Irma tackle with the daily quarrels between brothers and sisters. Matt, a nice boy, is a quite important character, as Will is going to fall in love with him. On the contrary, Martin, Uriah and Nigel are just well characterized comic characters.

Who are their enemies? Their main antagonist is definitely Phobos, the perfidious and cruel prince of Meridian. His target is absorbing the powers of Elyon, his sister, an ancient WITCH's friend, that has passed to the dark side by the fascinating (at least as a human being!) Cedric.


Elisabetta Gnone
in 2001

Alessandro Barbucci

Veronica di Lisio

Alessandro Barbucci
from n.1 to n.7
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