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55 questions, 55 answers

Welcome Page

by Marco Gremignai
translation by Walter Aricò

Who created him? The first Tex Willer's adventure appears in newspaper kiosk on the 30 september 1948, in the mythical "strip" size. The authors are Giovanni Luigi Bonelli for the texts and Aurelio Galleppini (Galep) for the drawings, a couple that will practically work alone for many years. Now the principal author of Tex is Claudio Nizzi (his work is also the detective-story Nick Raider), while between the draftsmen that have once flanked and then replaced Galep, dead in 1994, we have at least to point out Giovanni Ticci and Guglielmo Letteri, beyond to Claudio Villa, who draws series' covers from 1994.

Who's he? The "first" Tex is an outlaw against his will, with a code of honour: he kills only for defending. Almost immediately, however, Tex becomes a ranger. Thanks to an Indian marriage with the beautiful Lilyth, he becomes (with the name Eagle of the night) head of the Navajos and brave defender of Indians' laws. Hard, loyal, infallible with the gun, Tex is very quick, he doesn't care for the rules: he beats the "bad" that often acknowledges! Because of his character, everyone calls Tex for help where there is the need of anybody without fear and without "tied up hands".

Who are his friends? The friend of almost all the adventures, since the enlistment in the ranger, is the old Kit Carson. A fundamental role has been held by Tex Willer's child, Kit Willer, and by the navajo Tiger Jack. It's impossible to remember all the other friends of Tex, met in thousand adventures, from the Texas' tracks to the San Francisco's Chinatown , from the Canadian snowed expanses to the Maya temples in Messico... His recurrent friends are: the mysterious El Morisco, the Mexican Montales, the strong Gros Jean, the Irish Pat Mac Ryan, the coat red Jim Brandon, the police officer Tom Devlin, the Indian Cochise, the wizard Red Cloud.

Who are his enemies? The more dangerous enemies are surely Mefisto and his child Yama, both devoted to the black magic and protagonists of numerous episodes. Another character defeated more than once is the quick-change artist Proteus, but are numerous the enemies that entered reader's mind also only with one adventure: between these, the beautiful Satania, the witch Mitla, and still Lucero, El Muerto and the "Martian" from Moon's Valley.

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Gianluigi Bonelli
in 1948

Aurelio Galleppini

Decio Canzio

Aurelio Galleppini
from n.1 to n.400
Claudio Villa
from n.401

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