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1st quarter 2001

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Second series of Brazilian Tex in 2001: unpublished drawings by Villa, Ticci, Galep, Ortiz, Muzzi... (to see the other covers, click on related titles)

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex:
2nd quarter 2001

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

     TEX (covers by Villa)
April 2001: n. 378 Resgate no pântano
May 2001: n. 379 Assassinatos em família
June 2001: n. 380 A cidade do inferno
corresponding Italian books: from 462 to 465 (partially)

Tex Coleção n. 173 (30k) 
Tex Coleção n. 173
notes: the n. 378 announces the publication (in February 2003) of the Brazilian Tex n. 400, in colours.

     TEX COLEÇÃO (covers by Galep and Ticci)
April 2001: n. 171 Tambores de guerra
May 2001: n. 172 Sacrifício na lua cheia
June 2001: n. 173 O resgate de Kit Willer
corresponding Italian books: from 122 to 124

Tex Edição Histórica n. 47 (26k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 47
     (unpublished covers by Galep and Villa)
April 2001: number 47
June 2001: number 48
corresponding Brazilian books: Tex Coleção from 123 to 127
corresponding Italian books: from 83 to 86

notes: the image of the cover of the n. 47 is a drawing of this adventure. On the cover: "Tex tells his own past".

Tex Edição Histórica n. 48 (31k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 48
     (cover by Font)
May 2001: n. 7 Os assassinos
corresponding Italian book: Texone n. 12

     (covers by Galep and Villa)
April 2001: n. 7 Tex contra El Muerto
June 2001: n. 8 Missão em Sierra Vista

Revista-pôster 1 (63k) 
Revista-pôster n. 1
corresponding Italian books: 190/191 and Almanacco West 2001
notes: the classical adventure of "El Muerto" has been published for the first time on the Brazilian Tex n. 112 (June 1980) and is now reprinted inside the "Almanaque" series, as requested by the readers. It's the first book of Tex translated by the Brazilian member of uBC , Julio Schneider: previously, he has translated the adventures of Ken Parker and, from July 2001, he'll also translate the adventures of Zagor, newly published in Brazil.

Revista-pôster 1 - cliccare (120k) 
Revista-pôster n. 1
     (unpublished drawings by Ortiz and Muzzi)
April 2001: number 1
notes: as explained in the uBC in Brazil article, this "revista-pôster" contains an unpublished cover by Ortiz (56x84 cm) and also some articles signed by the uBC members Fabrizio Gallerani and Julio Schneider and by Dorival Vitor Lopes, publisher of the Brazilian Tex. The "cover" is drawn by Muzzi.

More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

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