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1st quarter 2001

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YEAR 2001

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Welcome Page

First series of Brazilian Tex in 2001: unpublished covers by Villa, Ticci, Galep and some other news... (to see the other covers, click on related titles)

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex:
1st quarter 2001

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

Tex n. 377 (26k) 
Tex n. 377
     TEX (covers by Villa and Ticci)
January 2001: n. 375 Até o último sangue
February 2001: n. 376 A pedra de Akbar
March 2001: n. 377 Ambição fatal
corresponding Italian books: from 460 to 462 (partially)
notes: inside n. 375 there is the advertising of a "revista-pôster" to be published in Avril, containing our biography of G.L. Bonelli; inside n. 377 there is an article about the uBC site and the HomePage of [email protected] ;-) (click here)

Tex Coleção n. 168 (30k) 
Tex Coleção n. 168
     TEX COLEÇÃO (covers by Galep)
January 2001: n. 168 A última trapaça
February 2001: n. 169 Armadilha flutuante
March 2001: n. 170 A maldição do arco-íris
corresponding Italian books: from 120 to 122
notes: the cover of n. 168 has been printed in reverse

Tex Edição Histórica n. 46 (27k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 46
     (unpublished cover by Villa)
February 2001: number 46
corresponding Brazilian books: Tex Coleção from 121 to 123
corresponding Italian books: from 81 to 83 (pages 1 to 3)

     (unpublished cover by Galep)

Tex Almanaque n. 6 (91k) 
Tex Almanaque n. 6
February 2001: n. 6
O signo da serpente /
O vale dos dinossauros

corresponding Italian books: 47 and 48
notes: it is the reprint of the Brazilian Tex n. 1 (published in February 1971), for the 30th "birthday" of Tex in Brazil (see also the article Adiós G.L. Bonelli - in Italian). There are two stories, due to the choice of the Brazilian editor

More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

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