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4th quarter 2000

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Welcome Page

Last series of Brazilian Tex for the 2nd millenium, with some unpublished covers by Villa and Civitelli (to see the other covers, click on related titles). In December, a great Christmas present for the Brazilian readers: five books!

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex:
4th quarter 2000

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

     TEX (covers by Villa)
October 2000: n. 372 A verdadeira justiça
November 2000: n. 373 Cilada mortal
December 2000: n. 374 A noite da tortura
corresponding Italian books: from 457 to 459

     TEX COLEÇÃO (covers by Galep)

Edição Histórica n. 44 (33k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 44
October 2000: n. 165 A morte veio do além
November 2000: n. 166 Na pista dos traficantes
December 2000: n. 167 Caçada sem trégua
corresponding Italian books: from 117 to 119

     (unpublished covers by Villa)
October 2000: number 44
December 2000: number 45

Tex Edição Histórica n. 45 (27k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 45
corresponding Brazilian books: Tex Coleção from 117 to 121
corresponding Italian books: from 77 to 81

notes: as you may read on the cover of n. 44, there is "the greatest adventure of Tex against Mefisto" :-)

     (cover by Parlov)
December 2000: n. 6 A última fronteira
corresponding Italian book: Texone n. 11

     TEX ALMANAQUE (covers by Villa)
October 2000: n. 4 O mistério da cabana assombrada
November 2000: n. 5 A lei do deserto
corresponding Italian books: Almanacco Tex 1999 and 2000
notes: the title of n. 4 has changed the "point of interest" of the adventure: in Italy, it was "The mount of the mystery", in Brazil it is "The mystery of the haunted cabin".

Tex Anual n. 2 (28k) 
Tex Anual n. 2
The Mythos publishing decided to reprint, as "Almanaques" 6 and 7, two special adventures required by the Brazilian readers: "O signo da serpente" (Brazilian Tex n. 1) and "El Muerto", which will be published in the 1st quarter of 2001. The Brazilian Almanaque n. 8 will be the Italian Almanacco 2001.

     TEX ANUAL (unpublished cover by Civitelli)
December 2000: n. 2 O ouro dos confederados
corresponding Italian book: Maxi Tex n. 2

More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

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