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3rd quarter 2000

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YEAR 2000
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Welcome Page

Another series of Brazilian Tex with some unpublished covers by Villa and Ticci (to see the other covers, click on related titles)

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex:
3rd quarter 2000

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

Tex n. 369 - click (29k) 
Tex n. 369
     TEX (covers by Villa)
July 2000: n. 369 O canyon da morte
August 2000: n. 370 O despertar da múmia
September 2000: n. 371 Cadeia de homicídios
corresponding Italian books: 454 and 456
notes: the n. 455 has been "skipped" because it was been published as Tex Almanaque 1 in March

     TEX COLEÇÃO (covers by Galep and Ticci)

Tex Coleção n. 163 - click (33k) 
Tex Coleção n. 163
July 2000: n. 162 De frente para o inimigo
August 2000: n. 163 Um dia de sangue
September 2000: n. 164 Madrugada explosiva
corresponding Italian books: from 115 to 117 (partially)

     (unpublished covers by Villa)

Tex Edição Histórica n. 43 - click (34k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 43
August 2000: number 43
corresponding Brazilian books: Tex Coleção from 115 to 117
corresponding Italian books: from 76 to 78 (partially)

notes: as you may read on the cover, there is "the complete history of the first meeting between Tex and El Morisco" (called "Bruxo Mouro" in the books of the Editora Vecchi)

     TEX EDIÇÃO ESPECIAL (cover by Ticci)
August 2000: n. 5 O pueblo perdido
corresponding Italian book: Texone n. 7

     TEX ALMANAQUE (cover by Villa)
July 2000: n. 3 Rio selvagem
corresponding Italian book: Almanacco Tex 1997
notes: the dossiers of this book come from the Almanacco 1995 (whereas the history of this Almanacco, La carovana della paura, has been published in Brazil in 1997 and was the sixth and last Tex published in colours by Globo)

More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

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