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1st quarter 2000

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Welcome Page

Another series of Brazilian Tex with some unpublished covers by Villa and Galep (to see the other covers, click on related titles)

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex:
1st quarter 2000

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

Tex n. 364 - click (30k) 
Tex n. 364
     TEX (covers by Villa)
January 2000: n. 363 Os assassinos de Lincoln
Februar 2000: n. 364 Missão especial
March 2000: n. 365 Invasão na Casa Branca
corresponding Italian books: 449 and 450

     TEX COLEÇÃO (covers by Galep)
January 2000: n. 156 Morte na escuridão
February 2000: n. 157 Chinatown
March 2000: n. 158 As garras do Dragão
corresponding Italian books: from 109 to 111

Tex Coleção n. 156 - click (26k) 
Tex Coleção n. 156
notes: in the reader's letter page of n.158 is announced the interruption of the regular series of Zagor, caused by the inadequate sells (perhaps, there will be other "special editions" in future). Also, uBC site is signaled! Click here to read the text (in Italian) in the "Dopolavoro"

     (unpublished covers by Villa)
February 2000: number 40
corresponding Brazilian books: Tex Coleção from 106 to 109
corresponding Italian books: from 70 to 72

     TEX EDIÇÃO ESPECIAL (cover by Zaniboni)

Tex Edição Histórica n. 40 - click (29k) 
Tex Ed. Histórica n. 40
March 2000: n. 4 Chumbo ardente
corresponding Italian book: Texone n. 4
notes: in January, the advertising for this book stated "Chumbo quente" as title, later replaced with a better translation

     TEX ALMANAQUE (cover by Villa)
March 2000: n. 1 Vendetta Navajo
corresponding Italian book: Tex n. 455
notes: the previous project by Mythos was to publish this book as another "Special" (click here to see the advertising); later, the editors have inserted the story in the "Almanaque", with some articles translated from the Italian "Almanacco West"

More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

Editora Mythos
www.mythoseditora.com.br / [email protected]

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