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March 1999

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Second rendez-vous with the covers of "Brazilian" Tex

The covers of "Brazilian" Tex: March 1999
by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

Every 3 months, Brazilian readers may find in their newspapers kiosks not only the books of Tex regular series and the Tex Coleção reprint, but also another reprint, the youngest one, that's to say Tex Edição Histórica (to tell the truth in March the first "Texone" - Tex Edição Especial - should have appeared, but it will be published in April). Let's see the books.

TEX - The number 353, "A morte como recompensa", corresponds with Italian number 440. Very interesting the unpublished cover drawn by Claudio Villa.

TEX COLEÇÃO - In the number 146, "Duelo sinistro", are published the end of Italian number 99 and the beginning of Italian number 101 (the Italian number 100, Supertex, has been "skipped").

TEX EDIÇÃO HISTÓRICA - The number 34 collects the Tex Coleção from number 91 to 94 (they correspond with Italian numbers from 58 to 60). Another unpublished cover by Villa; carefully made the entire graphics.

to be continued... next page: April/May 1999

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Tex 353 - click (35k) 
Tex 353
March 1999

Tex Coleção 146 - click (39k) 
Tex Coleção 146
March 1999

Tex Edição Histórica 34 - click (34k) 
Ed. Histórica 34
March 1999


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