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January/February 99

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Welcome Page

From this number, uBC offers the covers of "Brazilian" Tex, with some information...

The covers of
"Brazilian" Tex:
January/February 1999

by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai (text)
and Fabrizio Gallerani (graphics)

As announced in the Dopolavoro of uBC number 61, Tex is now published in Brazil by the Editora Mythos. In this article you can find the covers of the books published in January and February, with some information.

TEX - The main series has actually 114 pages, as in Italy; the Brazilian stories are now published in the same order of the Italians, with a delay of 21 months. Numbers 351/352 correspond with Italian numbers 438/439. Some Brazilian covers are unpublished (and they will remain so for some other months): in this case, the author is the great Magnus (with some helps, perhaps).

TEX COLEÇÃO - In this reprint the Italian readers will also find some unpublished covers or some covers published in a different order, even if the Brazilian stories are in the same order as the Italians (this reprint has only 98 pages). Numbers 144/145 correspond with Italian numbers 98/99.

Last but not least, the price: the Tex Coleção costs 3,50 Reais (about 3800/4000 Italian liras) and the main series costs 2,70 Reais (about 2900/3100 Italian liras).


More information about the Brazilian edition of Tex: click here.

to be continued... next page: March 1999

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Tex 351 - click (65k) 
Tex 351
January 1999

Tex 352 - click (59k) 
Tex 352
February 1999

Tex Coleção 144 - click (56k) 
Tex Coleção 144
January 1999

Tex Coleção 145 - click (60k) 
Tex Coleção 145
February 1999


Brazilian edition:
Editora Mythos
Franco de Rosa
Rua Caminha
de Amorim, 336,
Alto de Pinheiros
05451-020 - São Paulo (SP) - Brasil
[email protected]


(c) 1996 uBC all right reserved worldwide
http://www.ubcfumetti.com §