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Storia del West
by Vincenzo Oliva
translation by Derrick De Candia

Who created it? The Storia del West (History of the West) is the work that not only sets aside Gino D'Antonio from the great masters of the Italian comics, but also confines him into history. The series was created in July of 1967 and formed the supporting axis of Collana Rodeo (Rodeo Collection) (for the historical references about the series, see the article Tutto di carta - sorry, it's in Italian...). D'Antonio not only wrote texts for all but also did the 73 original episodes (later on though the first three were extended into five stories, so today the series contains 75 episodes all together), meanwhile for the layouts he was assisted from impressive cartoonists. The passage point between Tex's classic West and the innovations that will be provided from I Protagonisti (The protagonists) of Rino Albertarelli and from Ken Parker, is a critical celebration, but does always deeply partake into the myth of the American west.

Who are the protagonists? The series is distinguished from a variety of characters that from time to time (and in a recurrent way) alter and shift themselves into the main roles. A main factor of this extended tale remains to be the MacDonald/Adams group, whose familiar story happens to be rerouted in parallel with the western period, from 1804, when Lewis and Clark's expedition begins, to 1890, the year of Wounded Knee and of the grand race to conquer land in Oklahoma, which traditionally brings an end to the western era. Here are the members of this very special family: Brett MacDonald the first, immigrated from Europe in 1804; Pat MacDonald, is his son and the true patriarch of the family's clan and of this whole lengthy saga; Pat's sons are: Ben and Brett; Bill Adams, is Pat's wife first lover's child who has grown to be more of a son to him. Standing along side of the men are the women of the family: Sicaweja, the Shoshone Indian wife of Brett senior, whose character is freely inspired upon the historic character of Sacagawea; Brenda Adams, mother of Bill and wife of Pat; Belinda Hall regarded to be Bill's first adversary, then his friend and infinite companion; Lily the tragic first love of Ben; Ursula, who appeared in the final episodes, will become Ben's companion as well. Of the numerous historical characters that appear through out the pages of the series, at least one of them rises to the rank of the principal role equivalent to that of the MacDonald/Adams: that is Wild Bill Hickock.

Who are their friends? Countless many. Of these historical characters, the suitable ones to mention consists of: Manuel Lisa, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Wes Hardin, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and company, Pinkerton. Others that are worth to mention, are famous Indian historical figures who have often appeared in the series most touching episodes, they are: Tecumseh, Toro Seduto (Sitting Bull), Capitan Jack, Cochise, Cavallo Pazzo (Crazy Horse), Geronimo, Woquini (Roman Nose), Satanta, Victorio, Quanah Parker, Capo Giuseppe. The following people not only have their own stories mixed in with D'Antonio's imaginary cast of characters, but seem to contribute a particular certain zest to the series: Abele, the former slave; Mac, a whimsy Scotish. All in all, many colorful characters have left their significant mark and some have done so with only one appearance, such as: Mulligan the sailor, Caballero, Fiore d'Ortica (Nettle Flower), Jud... and many others. A problem is whether to classify characters such as Custer or Tom Horn as friends.

Who are their enemies? Just like the friends, the enemies consist in a pretty high number of players that would be present in a western saga: from river pirates and Comancheros; to war terrorists like Quantrill and robbers like Jesse James, to hostile tribes (as could be the case with the Nootka) to the greedy who have no regards...


Gino D'Antonio and Renzo Calegari
in 1967

Gino D'Antonio and Renzo Calegari

Gino D'Antonio

Gino D'Antonio
from n.1

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