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Welcome Page

by Giovanni Gentili
translation by Chiara Martellossi

Who created it? Outremer (Overseas) is a fantasy series created in 2001 by Vincenzo Beretta and Giancarlo Alessandrini. It was published first in France by Albin-Michel publishing company, and then in Italy by Alessandro Editore.

What is it? Outremer is a fantasy series in the most classical meaning of the term. To borrow a famous dialogue from Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy" , in Outremer forest elves are forest elves, fire-breathing dragons are fire-breathing dragons, and dark necromancers casting horrid spells from upon dark towers are dark necromancers casting horrid spells from upon dark towers.

The adventures of the three protagonists take place in a world which appearance is inspired in equal parts from the medioeval and rinascimental history of our planet, from the visions of classical and modern illustrators and architects, and from the experience of the authors with role playing games. In this world, allied reigns and nations have created an organization with the purpose of mantaining peace and order in the territories they control.

Arianne, Celine and Lucrezia are the three female protagonists of the series; they belong to the organization, which is called Overseas, and like the other agents they operate sometimes in the open but more frequently under cover.

Who are its protagonists?

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Arianne. drawing by Alessandrini
(c)2001 Beretta&Alessandrini

Arianne is an Elf of noble birth, born in the wooden domains of the North. She's the team leader, and quite cold and detached. Being an Elf, she's some hundred years old.

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Celine. drawing by Alessandrini
(c)2001 Beretta&Alessandrini

Celine is a thief and a bootlegger, and is at ease in the underworld. Like her fellow countrymen of the People of the Islands, she's merry and outgoing.

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Lucrezia. drawing by Alessandrini
(c)2001 Beretta&Alessandrini

Lucrezia is a fresh-off the academy sorceress, full of good will but naive and still unable to put her full potential to good use.


Vincenzo Beretta
in 2001

Giancarlo Alessandrini

Giancarlo Alessandrini

Albin Michel
Copyright (c) 2001
Copyright (c) 2002
all rights reserved worldwide


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