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Nick Raider
by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric˛

Who created him? The first detective-story made in Bonelli makes its debuct in June 1988, signed from the scriptwriter Claudio Nizzi, from years in the staff of Tex. Nizzi chooses as model for the series Ed McBain's novels about 87░ district: a "police procedural", therefore, in which normal metropolitan police officers investigate using procedures and real methods and they are subjected to a precise rule that limits their action.

Who's he? Nick Raider shows traces of the influence that on Nizzi Tex Willer's figure practices: as the ranger, Nick is a real hero, brave, untiring, skilled and fortunate as enough. There is not criminal so dangerous that can slips out of his hands, there is not so complicated case to be abandoned. Young Robert Mitchum's face, an impermeable jacket on the shoulders and the gun inserted in the belt: Nick Raider, is a Manhattan's Homicides Squad detective, he boasts Italian origins (the grandfather was called Raidero) and he moves in the merciless Big Apple's urban jungle.

Who are his friends? His usual friend is the black Marvin Brown, a kind of Eddie Murphy, with a wide smile and the ready stroke. Close to Marvin, there is Jimmy Garnet, spectacled "desked" detective: timid, awkward, he is specialized in searches by computer, but he is also able with the gun in fist.The wise and elderly Captain Art Rayan coordinates the group, a kind of dad for his younger collegues. Nick often uses dwarf Alfie's information, he is a skilled informant with a ironed professional code of ethics.Nick's fiancÚe now is the pretty and brave journalist Violet McGraw.

Who are his enemies? Nick Raider's enemy is the whole newyorker underworld, he fights his neverending battle month after month.The negative recurrent characters are few: between these the obese boss Louise Clementi, a giantess that never abandones his beloved golf club and the "Black Cross", a criminal organization that gives assistance to fugitives.



Nick Raider 

Claudio Nizzi
in 1988

Renato Queirolo

Giampiero Casertano
from n.1 to n.43
Bruno Ramella
from n.44 to n.99
Corrado Mastantuono
from n.100

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