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The world of
Nathan Never

planet Earth, 200 years after

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Nathan Never
by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric˛

Who created him? The famous Sardinian trio (Michele Medda, Antonio Serra, Bepi Vigna) wrote Nathan Never's n.1, that reaches the newspaper kiosks in june 1991. The Roman Claudio Castellini, now known also in the States, where he works for Marvel, was the draftsman. The first number was a real success and conquered the readers' heart. For a long time we have been waiting for a science-fictioned series.

Who's he? Nathan is a melancholy man, tied up to the past (he collects books, disks and comic strips made during our century); his biography is marked by painful events. Grown up in the verdant Gadalas, he was left an orphan because of a Yakuza's revenge, the Japanese mafia. He married the beautiful Laura Lorring, but a criminal, Ned Mace, has killed her, also abducting little Ann, his only daughter. Then she has been found again, but her mind, upset by the trauma, has been closed in an inexpugnable "autism" and now Ann lives in a nursing home. Nathan, citizen of a boundless metropolis that extends on the ex-USA's Oriental coast, is a prestigious Alpha Agency's special agent, one of the many private agencies which cooperate with the police in the struggle to future crime. His adventures develop more than 150 years in the future, in a world whose geography has been upset by the terrible catastrophes of 2024.

Who are his friends? First of all, the other Agency Alpha men. The resolute Legs Weaver, (she has conquered her own series), the information theory expert Sigmund Baginov, the sisters May and April Frayn, the mighty Jack Ryan, the robot Link, the black Al Goodman, the cynical Andy Havilland, the secretary Janine Spengler. And obviously Agency Alpha's leader, the pragmatic profiteer Edward Reiser. Among the other characters that, more or less often, have crossed and helped Nathan we remember the lawyer Olivia Olling, the spatial pilot Jerry Lone, the General Patrick Shea and Gabriel, mysterious being with big psycokinetic powers.

Who are his enemies? In an undefined future (future of the future) Nathan (with the battle name Nemo) will drive the humans in the struggle against the terrible "Technodroids", beings born from the blasphemous union between meat and metal. Instead, in his "present", Nathan fights against common crime and against more vast and organized threats: the secret Brotherhood Shade, the crazy multimillionaire Athos Than and, above all, Aristotele Skotos powerful organization, for everyone respected leader of an important sect, but in the reality the leader of a criminal empire.

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Nathan Never 

Medda, Serra & Vigna
in 1991

Claudio Castellini
Claudio "Marvel" Castellini

Antonio Serra

Claudio Castellini
from n.1 to n.59
Roberto De Angelis
from n.60

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1991-99
all right reserved worldwide


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