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Magico Vento
by Marco Gremignai
translation by Angelo Casertano

Who created him? The author of Magico Vento is Gianfranco Manfredi, also scriptwriter of many episodes of Dylan Dog and Nick Raider. The first number was issued in june 1997, after more than one year's work. The set of draftsmen that Manfredi can count on is particularly rich: among them are Bruno Ramella (author of the model sheet), Andrea Venturi (covers) and JosŔ Ortiz (author of n.1 and 3). Manfredi's goal is to create realistic and documented cowboy stories which may also contain, at the same time, several elements of horror fiction.

Who's he? Magico Vento's actual name is Ned Ellis: he is the only soldier of his group to survive a slaughter. Because of a metal splinter that stuck into his head during that attack, he lost his memory but aquired the strange gift of "vision", thus becoming a "Strange Man" for the Siouxes who took him when wounded. His adventures take place in Dakota (one of the less known and celebrated states in the tradition of cowboy stories) around 1870: few years have passed since the end of the War of Secession, and the so-called indian wars are about to start.

Who are his friends? In his adventures Magico Vento has on his side a journalist from Chicago, Willy Richards, known as Poe after the name of the famous poet to whom he looks like so much. Short but very brave in the search for truth (although he does not dislike to have a drop too much), Poe is essential to the reconstruction of the massacre that caused Ned's amnesia. Another character must be also mentioned, the Sioux shaman Cavallo Zoppo (Lame Horse), who becomes Ned's "guide" after having cured him.

Who are his enemies? In the few issues published up to now, his main enemy has already appeared a lot of times: the unscrupulous businessman Howard Hogan, who grew rich by building several towns along the course of the railway and who caused the massacre in which Ned was wounded. Hogan is a candidate to the senate, therefore, in the future, he will certainly try to silence Ned and Poe for ever.




Gianfranco Manfredi
in 1997

Bruno Ramella

Renato Queirolo

Andrea Venturi
from n.1 to n.31
Pasquale Frisenda
from n.32

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1997-98
all right reserved worldwide


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