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Mister No
by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric´┐Ż

Who created him? The same Zagor's creators, Nolitta and Ferri, launch in june 1975 the first number of what must probably be a mini-series of 5 episodes. The character and the unusual histories' playground (Amazonia) have an unbelievable success and the mini-series becomes a series today pointing toward the 300th number.

Who's he? Mister No is the American Pilot Jerome (Jerry) Drake's nickname. Survivor of the second world war, he has abandoned his country, disgusted with Western society's violence and impositions, to look for his heaven in the placid Manaus, a Brazilian town in Amazonia's heart. In Manaus he buys an old Piper and he earned his living as a tourist guide. Honest, sincere, lover of alcohol and of beautiful women, lazy but ready to get in action, he is a rebel by nature , like shows his nickname. Beginning from the n.241, he has been forced to run away from Manaus and he has settled in his native city, New York. After various adventures, he came back in Amazonia, from n.273.

Who are his friends? Mister No doesn't have a fixed adventure friend, but the ex-soldier German Otto Kruger, well known as Esse-Esse has often flanked him: together they have shared many drinks and many actions. Other Jerry's big friends in Manaus were Paulo Adolfo the barkeeper, Augustino the mechanic, Dana Winter the singer. In New York the loquacious barkeeper Harvey Fenner and the clubs owner Max Culver are his friends. So many are his female conquests, we can at least remember the beautiful archaeologist Patricia Rowland.

Who are his enemies? Mister No repudiates violence, but he often uses it to save himself from criminals. His bigger enemy has become the Japanese powerful Kenzo Ishikawa, leader of the "Not-alive Legion": he is the man that has forced Jerry to run away from Brazil.



Mister No 

Guido Nolitta
"Sergio Bonelli", in 1975

Gallieno Ferri,
Franco Donatelli,
Roberto Diso

Michele Masiero

Gallieno Ferri
from n.1 to n.115
Roberto Diso
from n.116

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1975-98
all right reserved worldwide


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