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by Marco Migliori
translation by Derrick De Candia

Who created him? In 1982 Ennio Missaglia (1930-1993), "creates" this character that inherits from Judas its staff of authors and artists. In fact, if Ennio Missaglia is taking care of the story lines, his brother Vladimiro along with Ivo Pavone do the drawings. In respect to Judas, the difference lies in the covers that are assigned to Vincenzo Monti. The few numbers sold (along with a very difficult time for Italian comics) is what lead to the conclusion of this series after only 11 issues.

Who's he? In the first cover, Monti represents him like a cowboy on the saddle of his horse, in front a backgrounds of skyscrapers. Gil is just that: he's a vagabond, a Vietnam veteran, who's not "looking for trouble" but unfortunately always finds himself in it. He moves around with his horse like an old cowboy, as an outcast of the modern world, and only when he can't do otherwise stays in the city (which are always diverse as he's always moving), trying to find odd jobs. He leaves as soon as he collects a bit of money in a journey with no end. Naturally is with his trips that Gil becomes involved in his adventures, which seem often unnatural for its casualness.



Gil - 8kb 

Ennio Missaglia
in 1982

Vladimiro Missaglia

Vincenzo Monti
from n.1

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