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Legs Weaver
by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric˛

Who created her? The special agent Legs Weaver appears on Nathan Never series, from n.1: with Sigmund Baginov, an expert in information theory, she is the Alpha Agency's agent that more than everyone else is next to the protagonist. The three creators, Michele Medda, Antonio Serra and Bepi Vigna, decide to give Legs an own series. After some episodes attached to Nathan Never's special histories, Legs appeared on January 1995. Initially bimonthly, the series became monthly at the end of 1996.

Who's she? Legs' real name is Rebecca Weaver: she has received this nickname in Blackwall's jail, where she has been held. Reiser, the Agency Alpha's leader, has let her out from jail, and in change Legs became the first Alpha agent. She has a hard character and a certain inclination to violence (her favourite sentence is "Violence solves everything"), but she is also happy and generous. Her actual nature is different from the one appeared in Nathan Never series: the new adventures are very witty action comedies, or even "comic-demential" histories. That's why her character has lost the initial hardness to become more ironic. In this series, the first dedicated to a woman among Bonelli's comic strips, there also is a pinch of joyful eroticism.

Who are her friends? Legs shares her apartment and her adventures with another Alpha agent: May Frayn. May is a brunette decidedly more female than Legs, but as brave and indomitable in action as Legs is. In the lodging there is another tenant: the cultured and spectacled talking little dragon Harvey, that Legs calls with disdain "flying mouse". Another series' co-protagonist is the young and timid neighbour Rick, who has fallen desperately in love with the beautiful Legs. Sigmund is of course irreplaceable for Legs and May: he supports the two agents' actions with his own electronic machinery. Legs also lives a series of fantasy adventures in the "parallel" world of Waldur, where everyone knows her like the warrior Sonja; on Waldur Sonja also has a sister, Jenna.

Who are her enemies? Among the enemies faced more than one time, we can mention a mysterious association interested in genetics, the "Black Dames", and the powerful "Club of the Sin".



Legs Weaver 

Medda, Serra & Vigna
in 1991

Claudio Castellini
Claudio "Marvel" Castellini

Antonio Serra

Mario Atzori
from n.1

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1991-99
all right reserved worldwide


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