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by Fabrizio Gallerani
translation by Marco Spitella

Who created her? Julia's first issue has been published in October 1998: created by Giancarlo Berardi (with the grapich contribution of Luca Vannini) it definitely sanctions the artistic divorce of the author from his colleague Ivo Milazzo, with whom he shared his innumerable professional experience beginning from the unforgettable Ken Parker.

Who's she? Graphically modelled on the features of actress Audrey Hepburn, Julia lives in Garden City, a fictious small town in New Jersey (set, in the literary fiction, at less than an hour of travel from New York), she teachs criminology at the college and cooperate with the local Police. Survivor of a grievous but still unidentified traumathic event that marked in an indelible way her psyche (her nights are perpetually troubled by nightmares) she commits her most intimate confessions to her diary, which excerpts acts as a wonted counterpoint to narration.

Who are her friends? After the abrupt breaking off from her boyfriend, Julia lives an out-and-out single existence, with the only company of the she-cat Toni and of the housemaid Emily. Her daily routine is divided between the lessons at the college and the more and more demanding collaborations with Sergeant Ben Irving and Lieutenant Alan Webb, with whom the human and professional relations hovers continously between trust and struggle, owing also to the unconfessable "jealousy" of the latter for detective Leo Baxter, Julia's fraternal friend and her valuable "right-hand man" in the most compelling investigations. Rares are the contacts with her lesser sister Norma, professional model with serious drug addiction problems; frequent instead are her visits to her grandmother Lillian, guest of a rest-house on the outskirts of the town.

Who are her enemies? Berardi's heroine puts her knowledge in human psychology at the service of the Police, contributing to the understanding of the motives that push to act the criminals. Often Julia found herself in to have to oppose the considered care of psychological investigation against the typical law-enforcers decision-making, trying to bring to light the afflictions hidden even in the most bloodthirsty killer's soul. Amongst all the criminals with whom Julia had to deal with, stands out in "brilliant" negative the figure of Myrna Harrod, the homosexual serial killer protagonist of the first three issues, whose capture has been the narrative opportunity to justify her return to cooperate with the Law.


Giancarlo Berardi
in 1998

Luca Vannini

Giancarlo Berardi

Marco Soldi
from n.1

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1998
all right reserved worldwide


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