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Jonathan Steele
by Riccardo Panichi
translation by Marco Spitella

Who created him? Jonathan Steele made his first appearance in italian newspapers kiosks in april 1999. Initially planned as a mini-series, it becomes an autonomous masthead in consequence of the close of Zona X magazine, which it was initially assigned. His creator, and at present sole author, is Federico Memola, while the graphic characterization of the person is the outcome of Teresa Marzia's work, formerly drawer of Legs Weaver.

Who's he? Jonathan Steele is a private eye who act on the year 2020's Earth, a planet devastated by the sudden advent, nine years before, of the age of magic, an epochal upheaval showed through the phisical mutation of most of its inhabitants. To clash the proliferation of unavoidable magic related dangers, Jonathan established, with the friends Jasmine and Myriam, experienced in magic and esotericism, a magic investigation agency in Paris, town which serves as a base for the three protagonists.

Who are his friends? Solitary by nature and basically selfish, Jonathan is hardly able to mantain love affairs. Nevertheless, in the first series issues, the blond protagonist was able to find two important co-heads, with whom he often shares the stage. First, in order of appearance, has been Jasmine Rashad, half Pakistan and half German, professional model but fond of magic since her childhood (she's able among other things to cast spells drawn from a family's book). A little bit haughty and arrogant at the beginning, she had early succeed in find an understanding with both Jonathan and the other girl in the group, the canadian Myriam Leclair. Myriam is a Jonathan's old acquaintance (with whom she was always in love) and, for her plentiful figure and her exuberant nature, acts often as the "funny stooge". Her peculiarity is to have inherited from a fairy strong powers which shows every time she is threatened by magic forces of unknown origin.

Who are his enemies? Jonathan is the hub of a battle which some deity are driving against a mysterious menace which is hanging over Earth's fate. The main artificer of this danger seems to be Thomas Rickman, chief of the project for the first permanent terrestrial settlement on the Moon, led by mysterious and yet dark hidden goals. A more "classic" foe instead is Xenia Kristatos, head of Crimson Seven, a terroristic organization which made an indiscriminate use of magic to carry out its plans.


Federico Memola
in 1999

Teresa Marzia

Federico Memola

Giancarlo Olivares
from n.1

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1999
all right reserved worldwide


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