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A status report, two years after the birth of the International section, with two "surprises" from Turkey and Brazil...

uBC in the world

by Marco Gremignai, responsible for uBC International
translation by Marina Terracciano

The International section was created two years ago, on the occasion of the graphic reorganization of uBC: according to the wishes of the webmaster, Giovanni Gentili, this section was supposed to contain a few translations, in English and French (starting with a brief description of the characters), for the sake of the numerous foreign surfers visiting our site.
Soon after my "appointment" I tried (in perfect harmony with my profession :-)) to widen the range of the available translations, thanks to the help of many foreign fans. Therefore, little by little, a gradual enlargement of translations in Spanish, Portuguese and German has taken place. And more, in Turkish, Croatian, Catalan and Russian
In parallel we diversified the topics translated: we added FAQ, interviews and articles about Bonelli comics published abroad (France, Brazil, Spain). Without neglecting all the articles on the collaboration Bonelli-Dark Horse. After two years, the International Section contains almost 200 translations, available on the page Map.

I am not here only to provide you these data (of which, I must admit, I am particularly proud), but also to draw your attention to two interesting foreign projects, directly involving uBC through two of my closest collaborators, that is Zeynep Akkus, from Turkey, and Julio Schneider, from Brazil.
Zeynep, who has been for years a true fan of Bonelli comics (she is among the founding members of the Turkish fanzine Darkwood Sakinleri, i.e. "The Darkwood inhabitants") is currently translating some adventures of Tex and Martin Mystery for the publisher Oglak. The nice thing about it is that a supplement with all the descriptions of the Bonelli characters will be distributed with these comic books, and those descriptions are all from uBC :-)
Even better news are coming from Brazil, where 55 adventures of Ken Parker were published a few years ago. Among the Brazilian readers there was one who could wed his passion with the possibility to "give a new birth" to Lungo Fucile, since he owned the copyrights: his name is Wagner Augusto, a journalist, publisher, founder of the publishing house CLUQ (stands for "Comics Club"). After publishing, in 1994, the special issue "Um hálito de gelo", he decided to publish another adventure; thus this fall a special issue in two volumes will be published under the title "Onde morrem os titãs". Depending on the acceptance of this issue, the possibility of a re-issue of the entire series will be considered, just like for Zagor - published by Mythos (launched to feel the pulse of the market and with excellent results, since a new comic book of the Spirit with the tomahawk will be published shortly, with the story "Voodoo Vengeance"). This would allow the many Brazilian fans to discover after many years how the saga ends. And who is in charge of the translation of Where Titans die? Our correspondent Julio, of course! Moreover, here's a scoop: the inside of the back cover is a SUPER-ATTRACTIVE presentation of our site, with the logo of "our" Ken [email protected] homepage!!!

Ken Parker in Brazil
© 1999 CLUQ
Here's the translation:
"At the dawn of the third millenium, the old West is taking the path toward modern times. Ken Parker is already online. And he is not alone: all members of the Bonelli team have found a place on the Internet. Indeed, the site uBC (unofficial Bonelli Comics e-zine), in spite of the word "unofficial", can be considered "the official electronic publishing arm of Bonelli" and features information on all authors and characters of the major Italian comics publisher, often with information provided by Sergio Bonelli Editore themselves.
uBC delivers information on whatever happens in Italy, Brazil, in the USA and in all countries where Bonelli comics are published, together with projects before their distribution in the bookstores.. They are all there: Tex, Gea, Zagor, Ken Parker, Dylan Dog, etc. The uBC site is located in Italy and thousands of surfers visit it every month. A section of it in our language, written by the correspondent Julio Schneider, a lawyer with a passion for comics, who also contributed to this issue of Ken. From uBC web pages you can also reach several other sites with news about Ken Parker.
You will find uBC at www.ubcfumetti.com"

Which are the plans for this third year? New interesting articles, starting with the one on stamps about comics all over the world, thanks to the archive of one of my closest collaborators - the Catalan Ramon Aznar - and, in the near future, more new languages (Greek, Dutch, Swedish?). Stay with us!


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