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After the "advertising" inside the special books of Ken Parker, uBC comes back in Brazil, on the pages of Tex!

uBC in Brazil

by Marco Gremignai

Two years ago, in the article about uBC in the world, I signalled the apparition of the Ken [email protected] in the two-volumes Brazilian special album "Onde morrem os tităs", translated by our correspondent Julio Schneider. Joking with him, I asked: "When a Brazilian Tex will be published with uBC mark?" Well, that's now! :-)
Here, in fact, what appears inside the album dated March 2001, the n. 377:

Tex & uBC in Brazil!
© 2001 Mythos
Here the translation:
ČThe fifty-year-old Tex Willer has been online for a long time. And he's not alone: in fact, all the members of Bonelli team have got a place on the Internet. Published in Italy, the uBC site (unofficial Bonelli Comics e-magazine), in spite of the word "unofficial", may be considered as the "electronic Bonelli home" and it supplies many news about authors and characters of the most important Italian comics publisher. Moreover some information are provided by Sergio Bonelli Editore and even the projects are online before their publication in the newspapers kiosks.
Visit www.ubcfumetti.com in order to see what happens in Italy, in Brazil, in France, in the USA and in all those countries where Bonelli comics are published. On the home page you may click on the uBC logo in order to read the monthly edition or on the logo of the characters in order to see the files about published histories, curiosities, interviews with the authors and much more (the logo reproduced over the page is that one of Tex Home Page). Inside the international section you may find several articles in English, French, German, Turkish and other languages, comprising Portuguese by the "tupiniquim" Julio Schneider, who works with Mythos too.
As far as Brazil is concerned, we suggest you to visit some national sites that make a good job with our Ranger and with Zagor too: www.tex.dk3.com - "gaucho" site by Gervasio Santana; membro.intermega.com.br/tex - "sulmatogrossense" site by Eder Ribeiro; www.zagor.dk3.com - "paulista" site by Nilson Farinha.
See you with a click.
The Publisher."

What? This description looks like the one of the Brazilian Ken Parker? Yes, it's true, but Tex sells MUCH more:-)

Revista-pôster n. 1 - click (63k) 
Revista-pôster n. 1
And there is something else... In April, the first "magazine-poster" dedicated to Tex has been published. "Magazine" because of the many interesting articles, about which we'll talk later, and "Poster" because of the unpublished drawing by José Ortiz (56x84 cm)!
Let's talk about the articles: the most important one is undoubtedly the Portuguese version of G.L. Bonelli's biography, by our Fabrizio Gallerani.

Poster by Ortiz 
The poster by Ortiz
But the article about Tex in Brazil from Fifties till today, an article written by Julio and also coming from our site, is interesting too!
And again, another article by Julio about the stamp dedicated to Tex by the Italian Mail and, inside the "Curiosities" section, a short article about the "famous" cover of Tex n. 183, officially ascribed to Galep but probably drawn by Luigi Corteggi, late art director of Sergio Bonelli Editore, author of several "retouches" to the drawings of Bonelli characters; he also drawn some covers of Piccolo Ranger (from 146 to 185) and the n. 159 of the Collana Rodeo.

In short, uBC has really conquered Brazil :-)



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