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Welcome Page

Fifth chapter of the previews of Bonelli books which will be published in the USA

American Bonelli:
July 1999

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani

Welcome to the fifth rendez-vous with the site of Dark Horse and with the previews of the Bonelli books that will be published in July.

Unfortunately, also this month the absence of Nathan Never's cover has to be noticed. Dark Horse has published only the first 2 covers of the Alpha Agent: as the books are ready from some time, we don't understand the reasons of this fact :-(
Always about covers, also this month Martin Mystery's one is like the original one, drawn by Alessandrini: perhaps Gibbons was on vacations or Dark Horse tried to economize :-)

Anyway, many of you are wondering: "have the Bonelli characters success in the States? And why haven't you insert the previews of numbers 6, already appeared on the Dark Horse site?" Beacuse... we are preparing a surprise which will be shown with the last numbers of this publication. So, don't loose next number!

to be continued... next page: August 1999 (numbers 6)


Maxi covers and trailers: click on the images

Dylan Dog 5 - click (36k) 
Dylan Dog 5

Martin Mystery 5 - click (59k) 
Martin Mystery 5

Nathan Never 5 - click (cover not available) 
Nathan Never 5

(Dark Horse)


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