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Second episode of the previews of Bonelli books which will be published in the USA

American Bonelli:
April 1999

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani

The publishing of the previews of the Bonelli books continues on the site of Dark Horse: this time it's the turn of the April books (same price, $ 4.95).

There are some errors in the preview of Dylan Dog concerning the authors: the text is not only by Sclavi (one more little error: the correct name is "Tiziano Sclavi", not "Tiziano Di Sclavi"), but also by Mauro Marcheselli; the drawings are not by Stano, the true author is Andrea Venturi. Will these errors be corrected or not?

The more important news of January, however, are the pages that Dark Horse dedicates to Bonelli Publishing, with a look at the three "Italian" heroes, an interview with Ervin Rustemagic (editor of the entire operation) and above all ten pages from the numbers 1. In Dylan's book appears a "new" character, Felix... Who's he? :-)

to be continued... next page: May 1999 (numbers 3)


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Dylan Dog 2 - click (42k) 
Dylan Dog 2

Martin Mystery 2 - click (52k) 
Martin Mystery 2

Nathan Never 2 - click (58k) 
Nathan Never 2

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