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Welcome Page

From this number, uBC offers the previews of Bonelli books which will be published in the USA

American Bonelli:
March 1999

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani

As announced in the previous number, the operation Bonelli-Dark Horse is finally OK: in the March page of previews, Dark Horse announces the publishing of Dylan's, Martin's and Nathan's numbers 1.

In the general page of previews there are two important informations: first of all, the confirmation of six numbers for each Bonelli hero; then, the price of the books, that's to say 4.95 $ (more than the double of the price in Italy).

Clicking on each title you may find a little presentation with the mini cover (you can make it bigger) and some informations about the authors and the publishing dates.
From this number uBC offers the previews of Dark Horse and translates them in Italian. Have a good reading!

to be continued... next page: April 1999 (numbers 2)


Maxi covers and trailers: click on the images

Dylan Dog 1 - click (62k) 
Dylan Dog 1

Martin Mystery 1 - click (66k) 
Martin Mystery 1

Nathan Never 1 - click (67k) 
Nathan Never 1

(Dark Horse)


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