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The arrival of Bonelli comics in America!

Interview with Dark Horse
by Enrico Pacciani

Interview with Shawna Ervin-Gore, Dark Horse (98.05).

Enrico Pacciani, uBC: How (and when) did Dark Horse develop an interest in Bonelli comics?
Shawna Ervin-Gore, Dark Horse: They were offered to us by Ervin Rustemagic at Strip Art Features in Europe.

uBC: When, exactly, did Dark Horse buy the rights for the English version of Bonelli comics?
DH: We've been in discussion with them for about a year and a half regarding the projects. There isn't really an exact date for the deal, and if there is, Ervin would probably be the one to ask. Our editors tend to give vague answers to this sort of thing, so I would try him first.

uBC: Are you interested only in Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère and Nathan Never, or you have plans about other Bonelli comics in the future?
DH: No plans other than those mentioned.

uBC: What are Dark Horse's expectations about an American version of Bonelli comics? Do you have any specific target demographics for the three series?
DH: While we're confident of the quality of the comics, we're not entirely sure of how they'll go over in the American market, but we hope they'll be well received.

uBC: How many copies are you planning to print for each series?
DH: Actual print runs haven't been determined yet.

uBC: Which stories are you planning to publish in each series?
DH: Martin Mystery: "Men in black" and "The sword of King Arthur" parts one and two. Dylan Dog: "Dawn of the dead", "Johnny Freak" and "Return of the monster". Nathan Never: "Vampyrus", "Dirty Boulevard" and "Heart of darkness".

uBC: Do you have a specific publication plan for each series? I looked on your website but I couldn't find any information.
DH: Sorry, nothing known yet.

uBC: Are you going to publish Bonelli comics in their original format, or in the American comic book format?
DH: We'll publish them in 112-page books, measuring 6inchesx9inches.

uBC: Covers: will you keep the Italian covers, or you will have new cover art from DH artists? There were rumors about covers drawn by Mike Mignola for Dylan Dog and by Dave Gibbons for Martin Mystère.
DH: These rumors are true, and Art Adams will be doing covers for Nathan Never.

uBC: Who will be the editors for the Bonelli series?
DH: David Land and Rachel Penn.

uBC: Is there any plan for a Bonelli characters-related merchandising in the United States?
DH: Not that we know of. We're not involved in any merchandising projects that might exist.

uBC: We understand that is difficult to guess what will be the US market's reaction to Bonelli comics, and we would like to know if this sort of concern, or questions related to the Dylan Dog's movie are creating any delay in the publication. Please forgive me for my almost tedious insistence on this subject, but this is the topic on which we have the biggest rumors in Italy.
DH: I hope it doesn't seem like I'm being coy with answers, but nobody at Dark Horse has anything to do with any film versions of the Bonelli books, nor have we heard any industry rumors indicating that any American company is working on them. I understand your focusing on this point; I just wish I could help you answer it... All questions regarding movie information should be forwarded to Ervin Rustemagic at Strip Art Features.

uBC: Many thanks for your precious collaboration.
DH: No problem, Enrico. I just hope I've been of some help.

Notebooks with Bonelli characters.
(c)1998 Dark Horse

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