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The integral texts appeared on the site of Dark Horse about Bonelli books.

(Dark Horse)
American Bonelli:
a look at three suave "Italian" heroes

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani
Text and images (c)1999 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

(Martin Mystery)
Meet Martin Mystery!

Somewhere on the road from Trikkala to Ioannina in Greece, a frightened man named Morel is driving hell-bent after his narrow escape from a mysterious group of men who have been following him since he stole an ancient manuscript. The manuscript came from a group of monks whose job it is to protect their ancient, holy writings, and with it, Morel found a map that contains the promise of a dream fulfilled - the discovery of ancient Atlantis!

Despite his acute paranoia, Morel is, indeed, being followed. But before the mysterious men in black can intercept the stolen manuscript, Morel mails the document to his long-time friend Martin Mystery - an adventurer and cultural anthropologist based in New York.

Weeks later, Mystery receives the manuscript, and is compelled by its contents to head to Greece, where he hopes Morel is still alive and well and waiting to explain the intriguing contents of the package. Accompanied by his Neanderthal friend and companion, Java (discovered during another adventure), Mystery soon finds himself in Greece, and ends up face to face with murder and a compelling mystery. Morel is dead, and Martin Mystery is going to find out who killed him and why.

So begins the first issue of Martin Mystery, an intense and fun six-issue series Dark Horse begins publishing this March. Created in 1978 by Alfredo Castelli in Italy, Martin Mystery is a European precursor to Indiana Jones and other captivating heroes of the swashbuckling adventure genre. Mystery is well-traveled and educated, and he's lured instinctually by unsolved mysteries that nobody else can even begin to approach.

"Martin Mystery is the debonair Bond type," said assistant editor Rachel Miller. "He's got a long-suffering girlfriend and a Neanderthal sidekick, so you can imagine that there is more comedy in Mystery's globetrotting, history-bending escapades."

Described by his foxy, sophisticated girlfriend as "The only man alive who owns a Ferrari and treats it like a Yugo", Martin Mystery is an unpredictable and obsessed detective investigating impossible occurrences and meeting danger head-on at every turn.

(Dylan Dog)
Dig Dylan Dog!

A gorgeous woman named Sybil walks into the detective's office with an unbelievable story to tell. She was recently arrested and charged in the stabbing death of her husband, after she drove a large pair of scissors through is eye and into his brain. The woman doesn't deny the charges, but she does dispute one small detail - her husband, she claims, was already dead and trying to kill her, and her actions were self defense.

Most private investigators would probably assume a claim like this could only come from someone who is either insane or so desperately trying to cover her actions that she's willing to make herself seem crazy. But not Dylan Dog - he's used to this sort of stuff. Dog is, after all, the world's premier nightmare investigator - a man who takes on mysteries of the extreme and supernatural, and often does battle with the devil himself in order to help his clients.

"There's a lot of paranormal stuff in all of these books", editor Dave Land noted. "They all get into some pretty interesting situations throughout the six issues we'll be publishing. Two words: edgy and hip. That's a perfect description for what's going on here."

Rachel Miller offered some additional insight - "He's got a comic relief-type sidekick, a terrible record with women (he's the kind who always picks the wrong woman), and he solves mysteries of the macabre. He's probably my favorite, but only by a neck because I'm actually pretty smitten with all of them."

Will Sybil take the rap for her husband's murder? Will Dylan fall for Sybil? Will Sybil kill Dylan like she did her husband? Will these questions ever be answered? Only in the pages of Dylan Dog.

(Nathan Never)
Nathan Never: gets the job done!

The crew of the Demeter space lab were conducting routine research in orbit when scientists at the home space station decided to test the communication systems. The check only lasted an hour, but when communications were restored, the station's instruments suggested that there were no signs of life aboard the Demeter, and its gravitational generator was out. It was unthinkable that anything could've happened to the lab's crew in that short time, but when a search team boarded the quiet ship, they found more carnage than they'd ever imagined possible.

The crew members' throats had been brutally slit, and the lab animals, freed from their cages, mutilated and partially ate the corpses. Oddly, there was one survivor - a highly-regarded research scientist by the name of Vlad Schreck, who claims to have been taking a shower when the attacks occurred. It's an unlikely story, but at this point, there's no telling what - or who - to believe.

As the leader of the Alpha Detective Agency, it's Nathan Never's job to solve this grisly crime. But even for a world-class, hard-boiled investigator like Never on the job, it's difficult to imagine this deadly case turning out well for anybody. And when Never begins to suspect that the murders came at the hands of a deadly, vampire foe, he'd better be sharp and focused on getting the culprit, before he finds himself losing his own blood in the process.

Assistant editor Rachel Miller thinks there's a big connection to the circumstances of the character Nathan Never's past and his appeal to fans.

"Nathan Never is a tragically romantic character because his wife died a long time ago, so he is utterly alone; no sidekick, just the interplanetary mysteries of vast and eternal space to keep him company", she said.

Against impossible odds and unbelievable foes, never doubt the abilities of Nathan Never.



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