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(Dark Horse)
Nathan Never 6 - August 1999
editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani
Text and images: (c)1999 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

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Nathan Never #6 (of 6)
by Antonio Serra and Nicola Mari; cover by Arthur Adams.

Knowledge is power. And libraries are the key to that power. But what if someone were keeping that power hidden, hoping that one day they would control all information? In Nathan Never's world someone is doing just that and it's up to Nathan to find the hidden library and make its valuable knowledge available to the masses once more. Join Nathan Never on this unique adventure into the Babel Library!

b&w, 144 pg (6" x 8-1/4" ) (6 of 6) ... $4.95
On sale Aug 25, 1999

Note: translation of Nathan's Italian n. 50, "La biblioteca di Babele".


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