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The integral texts appeared on the site of Dark Horse about Bonelli books.

(Dark Horse)
American Bonelli:
the press release by Dark Horse

editors: Marco Gremignai & Fabrizio Gallerani
Text and images (c)1999 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Dark Horse becomes international comics ambassador with publication of the wildly popular Italian Bonelli comics.

In the spicy world of Italian comics, nothing compares to the world of Bonelli. This March, Dark Horse Comics is making three of the best-selling comics in Italy available to American audiences for the first time. In their native land, books published by the popular Bonelli Comics sell 25 million copies a year, and appeal to a wide range of readers with their blend of mystery, science fiction, and horror, each highlighted with sexy detective flair.
Dylan Dog is "The World's Premier Nightmare Detective" - a man who quite literally charms the pants off his female clients while investigating their nightmarish problems.
Martin Mystery is a "Detective of the Impossible", traveling from his base in Washington DC to solve crimes and mysteries all over the world in a way that would make Indiana Jones proud.
And Nathan Never investigates occultish occurrences in the futuristic settings of space stations on behalf of the Alpha Detective Agency.

(Bonelli Comics)
Together, these three debonair detectives have broken hearts, dispelled demons, and solved bizarre crimes the universe over, and Dark Horse is eager to get their stories into the hands of comics fans everywhere. "While all of us at Dark Horse are extremely happy to bring some of the world's best-selling action-adventure books to America, we are aware that, in the tough retail climate of today, it is very hard to launch a new line of comics" said Mike Richardson, publisher of Dark Horse Comics. "Since we are confident Dylan Dog, Martin Mystery and Nathan Never will find an audience if they are widely available, we have created a premium incentive from the hottest property of '99 specifically to help retailers offset the cost of bringing this new line into their stores. This series, Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago, will serve as a sales tool a retailer can sell at market value or use as a customer incentive to try the Bonelli Books. No matter how "Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago" is used, it demonstrates our commitment to helping retailers bring in customers with exciting new titles."
As an exclusive offer to retailers, each set of Bonelli books ordered will earn retailers a free, exclusive Star Wars trade paperback, collecting the best stories from Marvel's classic 1980s series. The first book in this six-part series is a 91-page,black-and-white trade paperback collects Marvel's Star Wars #91,King-size Annual #1, and Annual #3, and is available when retailers purchase one issue of each Bonelli book.

Martin Mystery #1 - a black-and-white, 92-page comic by Alfredo Castelli and Giancarlo Alessandrini - debuts March 10, and features a cover by comics legend Dave Gibbons (Watchmen).
Dylan Dog #1, by Tiziano Sclavi and Angelo Stano, is a 96-page black-and-white comic, available March 3, featuring a frightening front cover by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.
And Art Adams lends his talents to the cover of Nathan Never #1, by Michele Medda and Nicola Mari. This 102-page comic is black and white and hits comics shops March 17. Each issue of these incredible Italian comics retails for only $4.95.

Dark Horse publishes the galaxy's greatest comics!



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