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Bonelli comics in Brazil
by Julio Schneider
with a little help from Marco Gremignai
translation by Alessandra Murray

Little Ranger &
Kid in Far West.

Between March 1980 and December 1985, Editora Brazil-America published 30 numbers from the series Reis do Faroeste (literally "The Kings of the Far West"). In the odd-numbered issues stories from "Little Ranger" were published, while in even-numbered issues stories from "Kid in the Far West" (under the title "Estrela Negra") were published.

Martin Mystery.
Beginning in 1986 Editora Globo published 13 issues from the monthly Martin Mystery following the order of the Italian stories. The format was 13.5x17.5. Between 1990 and 1992 under the aegis of Editora Record, 17 albums were issued monthly using the format and order from the Italian series.

Nick Raider.
Between 1991 and 1992 Editora Record published 10 monthly issues of the police thriller Nick Raider, using the format and order of the Italian series.

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