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Dylan Dog
by Paolo Ottolina
translation by Walter Aric˛

Who created him? Dylan Dog has been created in October 1986 by the genial scriptwriter Tiziano Sclavi. It's the first horror series in Sergio Bonelli Publishing, and in the long run has received an amazing success of criticism and public, arriving to print more than 1 million of copies per month.

Who's he? Dylan has English actor Rupert Everett's features. He's an ex-police officer and a ex-alcoholic, who has decided to work on his own and investigate on cases that exceed in supernatural and horror. If you need his services you have to go to London, in Craven Road n.7 and to pay him 50 pounds a day except the expenses. In his adventures, bloody yet often delicate, poetic and melancholy, Dylan has fought vampires, werewolves, ghosts and aliens, but also more dangerous and untrustworthy monsters like domestic violence, racism, indifference, power's thirst, boredom. Some episodes has indelibly entered readers' memory and are enumerated in the best comic strips never written in Italy. Ah, if you are a young and defenceless damsel beware of Dylan's big blue eyes and tenebrous charm: he, in fact, is an irresistible "Don Juan".

Who are his friends? His assistant and factotum is a strange little fellow with Groucho Marx's face; he opens the door to the customers and he submerges them of strokes, puns and jokes. Loquacious, Groucho gives the readers a big humour dose each month and he is an irreplaceable allied for Dylan. Then there is the Commissioner Bloch, elderly head of Scotland Yard close to the pension; Dylan's ex-superior, when he was in the police, Bloch is very fond of Dylan and more than once he has thrown him out of troubles and of jail.

Who are his enemies? Dylan doesn't have many recurrent enemies: everywhere there is a supernatural horror to defeat, he will be there, you can swear. We must remember, however, at least Death's skeletal hooded figure (it seems the one in Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal") and the doctor Xabaras, crazy scientist that wants to win death and that Dylan has discovered to be his father.

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Dylan Dog 

Tiziano Sclavi
"tiz", in 1986

Claudio Villa

Mauro Marcheselli

Claudio Villa
from n.1 to n.41
Angelo Stano
from n.42

Sergio Bonelli Editore
Copyright (c) 1986-98
all right reserved worldwide


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