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by Alessandro Franchini
translation by Marco Spitella

Who created him? Brendon appears in newspaper kiosks of the whole Italy in June 1998 as a bimontly issue (still adopted formula). His "dad" answers to the name of Claudio Chiaverotti, an old acquaintance of the Bonelli's stable.

Who's he? He has permanently black ringed eyes, smiles little and he is often alone by himself. This is Brendon, a knight of fortune, a mercenary that try to survive in a world wasted by a shower of meterorites. After the ruin the human race has regressed of centuries and the mutants, in most cases fierce and merciless, have made their appearance. Despite of this decay, Brendon preserved his humanity, has a noble heart and trusts in friendship; most of his adventures concerns of murderers and marauders, but doesn't lack in raids in the supernatural.

Who are his friends? His robot butler Christopher, whic persecute him with his queer recipes based on vegetables, Doctor Emid Nox, a peculiar character but very able in his profession, and the faithful horse Falstaff.

Who are his enemies? Doesn't matter of an only enemy in the flesh, but of a whole sect, the Black Moon sect, responsible for the murder of Brendon's mother; the knight of fortune, still lad, swore to devote the rest of his life to the destruction of the terrible sect.


Claudio Chiaverotti
in 1998

Corrado Roi

Claudio Chiaverotti

Corrado Roi
from n.1

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